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photo-crystalCRYSTAL LEACH

I am a wife and mother of 3. I get the privilege of staying home with my rambunctious little nuggets. My love for reading, books, and authors is tremendous. Favorite genres are Fantasy and Historical Fiction, but if you give me anything with a pretty, shiny cover I’m going to read it. I am quite the social butterfly. I will talk to you like I have known you for years. I’m full of sarcasm and love to joke around. I’m also quite the addict when it comes to certain shows…ahem…Sons of Anarchy, The Walking Dead, Hart of Dixie, & The 100. Feel free to chat with me anytime about pretty much anything!  Crystal can be reached by email here.


Obviously I like to read. But I’m also proud to be a momma to one very wacky little wanna-be princess. She is, as most moms would say about their children, “my magnum opus”. I am a wife, an artist, a writer and an avid reader of anything I can get my sticky fingers on. I am also a collector of all things odd. (Belly button lint teddy bears, anyone?) My other full-time job involves “making things pretty” for a non-profit association in the adaptive automotive mobility industry. Jenna can be reached by email here.