Discussion Post: Bookish Quirks


We here at Bookiemoji have many bookish quirks and habits.

I’m sure plenty of you other readers do too.

So Jenna and I have decided to share some of our quirks or habits with you to see if anyone else can relate! We both have a mix of habits we do. Some we share, some are just completely individual.


1. So this first is probably SUPER common…..when reading a hardcover book MUST remove the jacket first. Then lay the jacket on a spot on the book shelves where it can stay in it’s lovely mint condition. Also if letting  someone borrow a book, they don’t get the jacket….


2. Picking out the PERFECT book at the bookstore. Actually taking everyone off of the shelf to check it out and see which copy is the most desirable. When buying signed copies online, having received some that weren’t in the perfect condition, then going to the bookstore to buy another copy to put the new book jacket on the signed edition.

3. The book shelves. Constantly changing and re-organizing the bookshelves. Alphabetical Order. Split into TBR and read books. By publisher. By color. You name it, it’s been there. It’s forever changing. WHY? No clue. Just don’t like it to stay consistent.

4. Completely ignoring family or friends at a get together because face is stuck in a book. Don’t judge, you know you have been there!


5. Needing multiple editions of  books. It’s such a NEED. Hardcovers, paperback, UK editions, new covers, ebooks, ALL THE BOOKS. Who doesn’t own several editions of Harry Potter?

6. When seeing people read, side-eyeing them and glaring if they aren’t holding the book properly. Yes this is a thing.

7. Before reading a chapter, checking to see how many pages are in the chapter to make sure in the mood for the amount of pages in that chapter, or if there is time for it.

8. Basing bed time on how many pages are in a chapter. “I will read until I get to a chapter over 10 pages.” Etc.

9. Placing literary books on book shelf that have never been read…..and let’s be honest, probably never will be…..to impress people.


10. Wanting a book for the cover alone. Maybe even have read the book and hated it, or just not even interested in the premise, but still have this BIG desire to place that book on the shelves!!!!!

11. Another common one, taking a book EVERY where. Maybe even more than one. When heading out of town there tends to be quite a few that end up in the suitcase.


12. Basing the level of your friendship on rather said person reads or not. “Like we are still friends, but I’m side-eyeing you and I don’t think you will ever truly understand me.” Also, meeting someone new and they love books so they basically are the new BFF in life.



Seriously, are we all alone? Do you guys share any of our bookish quirks, or have any of your own?


  1. Maraia says:

    Yay, I love this list! I don’t do all of these things, but I definitely do a lot of them. Another thing I do is try to figure out what books people are reading if I see them on a bus/train/plane/in a park, etc. If they’re reading a physical book, it’s not that hard, but I remember sitting next to a guy reading a Kindle on an airplane. I spent half the trip looking over his shoulder & trying to read enough of the book to figure out what it was. (It was a Sherlock Holmes novel, haha.)

    • Crystal says:

      Hahahahaha actually last time I was on a plane I was scoping out the couple across from us because they had books out trying to see what they were reading so I get that too!

      • Maraia says:

        Hahaha, I’m glad I’m not the only one! I try not to interrupt people while they’re reading, but I can’t stop my curiosity. 😀

  2. Irene says:

    With bigger books, I always check the amount of chapters and if it doesn’t say, I google it. I just need to know!
    I still have Me and Earl on my shelves, because that cover! I even have it with the front out! Haha.
    I also always bring a book/Kindle, even if I’m going grocery shopping…
    And yes! It should be a thing to show your book every once in a while when reading in public!

    • Crystal says:

      Haha I take one when I go to the grocery store too. My husband doesn’t understand. But I’m like what if there is some freak incident?! Lol

  3. Alex U. says:

    With the exception of one, I do everything you have listed! Especially number 5, it’s really bad but thank goodness for used book stores!!

  4. Emma @ Miss Print says:

    I think my biggest quirk (laziness) is probably that my shelves have zero organization. If I remember and have space, I put series together but sometimes I don’t. The only hard and fast rule is that read books have different shelves than books I need to read. I also rarely read books in terms of chapters–often stopping short of a chapter break because I do most of my reading at lunch or on my way to work. I do also take dust jackets off hardcovers and have been known to switch bookmarks to match book covers.

    • Crystal says:

      Ah I can’t stop not at the end of a chapter. I know how fast I can read a page so if I don’t have the allotted time = the page amount in each chapter I won’t even attempt it at that moment LOL

  5. Karina @ A Reader Under The Sea says:

    Oh yes to constantly rearranging bookshelves. At first they were by genre but I recently changed it to books I haven’t read to the books I have read. I do have some literary books but they are in my attic shelf. Back then people would try to get me to read them like To Kill A Mockingbird or The Catcher in the Rye but I love YA fantasy and contemporary books. And I feel like some people frowned upon me for not reading “wiser” books. I mean why does that matter? We should be allowed to read what we want to. And I never really enjoyed books I read in school either.

  6. Carina Olsen says:

    Gooorgeous post girls 😀 And oh my gosh, yes, I agree with so much of this, hih 🙂 I also always take the jacket of the hardcover before reading. I must. Never ruin it 🙂 I could never borrow away my books, though.. I don’t like others to touch my books :p Which might be a bit silly, hih 🙂 Thank you for sharing this stunning post. <3

  7. Elizabeth Chang says:

    Yes! I loved this post! #7 and 8, 9 and 11, totally.
    Something similar to #6, every time I see someone reading a book, my eyes instantly drift to the cover to see if I’ve read the book they’re reading.

    And #8, it’s not just for bedtime, it’s for responsibilities and life in general.

    Oooh, and #9! Except I actually bring big and chunky books out, even though it’s super heavy, I am ashamed.

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