Fall Carnival: Truth or Dare Booth with Caroline Tung Richmond (Interview+Giveaway)

Fall Carnival: Truth or Dare Booth with Caroline Tung Richmond (Interview+Giveaway)

Let’s play a fun game of truth or dare.

You all know the normal rules to the game but we are going to switch it up just a little bit today!

Instead of giving our lovely contestant a choice of whether she wants truth or dare, we get to pick!

But before we get into our game with The Darkest Hour‘s main character, Lucie, let me share with you a little about the book!


Fall Carnival: Truth or Dare Booth with Caroline Tung Richmond (Interview+Giveaway)The Darkest Hour by Caroline Tung Richmond
Published by Scholastic Inc. on July 26th 2016
Genres: Action & Adventure, Europe, General, Girls & Women, Historical, Young Adult
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My name is Lucie Blaise. I am sixteen years old. I have many aliases, but I am none of the girls you see. What I am is the newest recruit of Covert Ops. And we are here to take down Hitler. After the Nazis killed my brother on the North African front, I volunteered at the Office of Strategic Services in Washington to do my part for the war effort. Only instead of a desk job at the OSS, I was tapped to join the Clandestine Operations--a secret espionage and sabotage organization of girls. Six months ago, I was deployed to German-occupied France to gather intelligence and eliminate Nazi targets. My current mission: Track down and interrogate a Nazi traitor about a weapon that threatens to wipe out all of Western Europe. Then find and dismantle the weapon before Hitler detonates it. But the deeper I investigate, the more danger I'm in. Because the fate of the free world hangs in the balance, and trusting the wrong person could cause millions of lives to be lost. Including my own.


(^Well…kind of)

Please join me in welcoming Lucie Blaise she is a beautiful girl that happens to be a CO-7 agent and her next assignment is to take down Hitler!

Truth: State your full name and what your current mission is?

My name is Lucie Blaise, and I’m an agent with Covert Ops. My current mission is simple: interrogate an Austrian scientist who claims to have important intel about a secret Nazi mission. We’ll see if he’s telling the truth or not.

Truth: What do you feel is your best asset when it comes to completing your mission?

I can lie like a thief. My mother will drag me to confession for admitting that, but it’s one of my best assets. Just ask my boss Major Harken.

Dare: I dare you to show us a picture of where you are currently stationed!

Dare 1 - Occupied Paris

I’m embedded in Occupied Paris, where Covert Ops is headquartered. Don’t bother looking us up in the directory though. You’ll never find us—and that’s the way it has to be until the war’s over.

Truth: What is the reason you decided to join the office of Strategic Services?

*Long pause* My brother Theo fought in the war. After he got killed, I couldn’t keep going to school and working at the bakery and letting life go on like its usual self. I had to do something. So here I am.

Truth: What do you miss most about home?

Oh, that’s an easy one. My mother’s crepes. My mouth is watering just thinking about them.

Dare: I dare you to show us one of your favorite undercover outfits!

Dare 2 - Favorite Disguise

My newest disguise is Sister Marchand, a young French nun. I’m prim and proper and completely covered, and that makes it easy to hide a gun at my thigh and a knife sheathed at my ankle.

Truth: Are you ever afraid that you will get caught?

Sure I am. You can’t trust anyone in this city, not even that pigtailed little girl playing escargot. Almost anyone can turn into a Nazi informant for a few francs in their pocket.

Truth: What is your favorite thing about being a CO-7 agent?

The gadgets. We have bombs shaped like coal, pistols disguised as pens, daggers hidden in rosaries, and much more. Our weaponry is like a candy shop—for spies.

Dare: I dare you to share some classified top secret information with us!

That depends. Do you have special clearance? If not, Major Harken will have my hide if I say a word.

If you do have the clearance though … I think the Austrian scientist that I’m interrogating might be telling the truth. The Nazis have a weapon that can defeat the Allies in one blow—and Covert Ops has to do everything in our power to dismantle it. 

Truth: If you went to a carnival what food would you have to try?

My brother Theo was always partial to funnel cakes. They’re my favorite too.

Dare: I know you don’t have time for romance but I dare you to show us a picture of your current celebrity crush!

Dare 4 - Celebrity Crush

If you’re going to twist my arm, I think Gene Kelly is quite the dish!


About Caroline Tung Richmond

Caroline Tung Richmond is the author of The Darkest Hour and The Only Thing to Fear. She lives on a Virginian mountainside with her husband, their daughter, and their German Shepherd Otto.



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Truth: Who is your celebrity crush?

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  1. danielle hammelef says:

    I always love character interviews to get a great insight into them before reading the book. I’m worried that she may have given away too much info though…

  2. Aurora says:

    I love loved her short story in a tyranny of petticoats i had wished so badly that it was a book, not a short story. this interview was so awesome! this book sounds wonderful I CAN’T WAIT FOR IT TO COME OUT!!

  3. _Sandra_ says:

    Haven’t heard about this one before, but read and enjoyed The Only Thing to Fear from the same author. After reading the summary definitely grabbing a copy as soon as possible.
    Great interview like always! 🙂

  4. Agus Z says:

    Oh I love charater interviews and this one is really awesome! I’m so curious about this book, it sounds really interesting. Can’t wait to read it!

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