Blog Hop: The Shelfie Hop (Giveaway)

Blog Hop: The Shelfie Hop (Giveaway)

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to be doing The Shelfie Hop today! This is a fun hop that Kristen at My Friends are Fiction and I put together!! We really hope to do this like once or twice a year! The idea is for everyone on the hop to share their shelves and book collections, because what do we book lovers love more than staring at glorious pictures of books, right?

I have nine pictures to share with you guys of my shelves. I’m not fully organized and my library is in the midst of being decorated and finished! Hopefully next time we do this it will be complete! I also have a giveaway for you guys for a book of choice, so make sure to enter! ;P

Also, if you didn’t get to officially join the hop this time you can still have fun and join in by posting pics on any social media and using #TheShelfieHop 

 I seriously love just staring at this wall ♥image1 (12)

Close up of all three shelves

image2 (7)image3 (4)image4 (2)

This shelf has some of my favorite collections on it & where I keep my review TBR

(I also have new bookmail I haven’t shelved yet!)

image5 (2)

Close up of shelf

image6 (1)image7image8

These will go on my shelves soon!



Make sure to check out everyone else’s posts also! There are a lot of awesome pictures and giveaways happening! 🙂

And thank you to all the awesome participants! You guys rock! ♥

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Open INTL as long as TBD ships to you!

Good Luck 😀

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We LOVE comments 🙂 


  1. Kristen@My Friends Are Fiction says:

    Ack Crystal you make those bookshelves look so beautiful. We have the same shelving but yours looks so much better! hahaha. Feeling more and more inspired to pretty up my shelves and try to organize. Thank you for all the work you did to make this hop work. You rock.

    • Crystal says:

      I’ve got to redo mine again soon to add in bookmail, only downside to organizing alphabetically by author 😐 and thank you!! It’s been a lot of fun!

    • Crystal says:

      I actually plan on getting another to do also bc I have more I would like to put on there and also as my fave authors collections grow!

  2. Maraia says:

    What great bookshelves! My favorite parts are the Harry Potter section (of course) and the Victoria Schwab section. I love staring at my bookshelf, too. 😀 Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Kelly G. says:

    I can’t imagine the discipline it must take to keep your shelves looking so shiny! Mine are stuffed two rows deep, with books crammed into every nook and cranny. 🙂

  4. Nikki says:

    Your shelves are so prettyyyyyyyyyy. *_* I legit want to set up a lounge chair in front of your set of three bookcases — that view is to die for. XD

    Aaaaand I think we came to this realization before, but I totally have one of those bookcases. Mine’s a loner, but I love it!

  5. Susan T. says:

    Your shelves are a thing of beauty! I especially love all the Funko Pops! Mine aren’t nearly as organized. This blog hop will hopefully inspire me!

  6. Cee says:

    OH BOY. look at those books. I would never stop staring at it. I am absolutely in love your book case with your favorites. SO MANY WONDERFUL BOOKS. HEART EYES, CRYSTAL.

  7. Dreams says:

    I’m having shelf envy here! Yours are super neat and organized. Mine never seem to last looking like that. When you store your books on their side, do you find that it damages them?

  8. Deanne Patterson says:

    Looooooove your shelves. It’s always so much fun to look at someone else”s shelves with all the yummy books : )

  9. Stephanie Kaye says:

    OMG, SO PRETTY! I cannot wait until I get mine up and fill them up! Not for a while though. However, this event will give me lots of ideas! 🙂 I love looking at everyone’s shelves!

    Thanks for the giveaway, as well! <3
    Stephanie @

  10. SJ Bouquet says:

    holy moly there are a lot of comments on here O_O *nurses my cramped finger from all the scrolling*

    WHEN I SAW YOUR SHELF I GASPED! so many hardbacks all organized beautifully <3 <3 <3 I had the strong urge to hug your bookshelves and sit in front of them and stare at the beautiful Young Adult organizational beauty.

  11. Carina Olsen says:

    YAAAY 😀 Gorgeous post Crystal. <3 Thank you so so much for sharing about your gooorgeous shelves 🙂 I adore your collections. <3 Yay for so many pretty books 😀 And aw, lol. I also just love to stare at my shelves as well 🙂 It is the best. Thank you so much for the giveaway as well. You are amazing 🙂 I love that you and Kristen made this. <3

  12. Nicole Anaya says:

    LOVE YOUR SHELVES! So many books in there <3 and love the way they're organized. A little jealousy here. But I'm happy that a book lover is surrounded of awesome books! and thanks for the chance <3

  13. Roxanne says:

    Oh man, your shelves are out of this world, they are so pretty. LOVE the color (they are the same as mine only mine can be seen as baby shelves compared to your shelves, I curse the lack of space) I also love your sign that says “go away I’m reading” may I ask where you got it? 🙂 thank you so much for sharing your shelves and for this awesome giveaway!

  14. Stephanie Grant says:

    I am so jealous of those beautiful book filled shelves! I have had my eye on a couple of those books that you have there lol! I kinda built my own book shelf that takes up my entire spare bedroom/office wall and it’s like heaven walking in there to see all my beloved books!

  15. Nori says:

    OMG THIS IS SO SO SO SO PRETTY. <3 I love the "Go Away I'm Reading" sign. That's awesome. Wow, I see that you're a series collector! Go you! Also, I love the Jodi meadows collection! All i need is an Incarnate ARC and then I'm good to go 😀 I haven't heard of Keeper of the Mist but I'll definitely check it out! Eeeeep you have When We Collided! Enjoy it!

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