Discussion: Where I’ve Been…(Giveaway)

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been very active on the blog or on Twitter over the past month or so. I had the WORST reading/blogging slump I think I have ever had since I started blogging. I could not get into any book, didn’t feel like touching the blog, and Twitter? No thanks. I guess I just needed some space. Recently though I have found a new love in the form of #bookstagram .

I have been spending a ton of time over there and taking pics of bookish things and it has been so much fun and just glorious. I’ve been back on Twitter a little bit, but honestly IG has been so much more fun because it has all the bookish updates, but none of the drama of Twitter (so far). It also has put me back into the blogging mood some what, it made me want to do this post, which sure is about bookstagram, but hey…I’m here. ;P 

#Bookstagram Loves

So basically I just wanted to feature some of the accounts I’m loving these days in case any of you are on IG and wanted some awesome accounts to follow! Each picture will take you to their account so you can give them a follow ♥











**These are not my pictures and the appropriate tags are made on the post linked if you click on the pic above**

Details for giveaway:

To celebrate hitting 1k followers on IG I want to giveaway an item from 4 of my fave bookish shops!! A

-small sized TBR Jar from@novelheartbeat 

-any item from@eviebookish shop up to $15

-select any bookmarks from @happyhelloart up to $10

-select any item in @hafsahfaizal Up to $15!

This is hosted on IG, so please head over there to enter by clicking the photo above.

Ends 4/24 and as long as shops ship to you it is open INTL.


Are you on bookstagram?

Leave me some usernames/links so I can go check you out or give me a follow!

I would love to be more active over there ♥


  1. Karina @ A Reader Under The Sea says:

    Aww! Thank you so much for featuring me along with some more amazing bookstagrammers!! I’ve been loving all your photos <3 <3. I also feel like Bookstagram has become my new favorite social media platform to discuss my love of books that I've been more absent on Twitter than usual. The drama that starts is just ridiculous and glad it's safe so far on IG.

    My reading slump started off bad this month that I've only finished one book so far and I'm barely on my second :O But I've been thankfully active on my blog and creating new posts 🙂

    • Crystal says:

      <33 Twitter makes me anxious a lot. It can be so fun some days, then the worst for weeks. I'm glad you've kept up the blog, I didn't want anything to do with nothing LOL

  2. Britt @ Please Feed The Bookworm says:

    Yay girl I’m glad your feeling better (a bit anyway). Those pictures are amazing. I can never get mine right for some reason. Anyway I love that you have found a drama free avenue to express your bookish self. There is no sub tweeting in Instagram so it’s great! I heart you.

  3. Andye says:

    Omg! Thanks so much for including me! These are some of my favorite accounts also. I’ve loved delving into the bookstagram world and am always looking for new accounts to follow! 😘😘

    • Crystal says:

      You’re welcome!! I always am too! I love looking at all the gorgeous book/bookish merch! Bad for the bank…but still 😂

  4. Carina Olsen says:

    Aw, this post is so so awesome Crystal 😀 You are adorable. <3 But oh, I am so sorry you haven't felt like blogging or reading much lately 🙁 Huuugs. I totally understand, though. I feel like I have been in a reading slump all year :\ It sucks. But YAY for wanting to take lots of pretty bookish pictures 😀 They are all GORGEOUS. I love following you. <3 You are amazing sweet girl. I hope you will feel more like reading soon too 🙂 And aw, you are amazing for giving so many lovely people shout-outs. <3 Such lovely accounts 😀 A bit jealous, lol. Wish I had so much pretty to include with my pictures of books. Sigh. One day, maybe 🙂 Hope you are having an amazing week so far sweet girl. <3

  5. ShootingStarsMag says:

    I’m new to Instagram and trying to do bookstagram as much as possible. It’s nice to see how other people do things, but I’m also trying to find different ways to style books -at least different from what I’ve seen ,as I’m sure it’s not all that unique. haha I like to mix it up with other pictures too though and not JUST books. Keeps things interesting. I think we follow each other already – but I’m here: http://www.instagram.com/laurenashleybecker


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