Blog Tour: The Fulfillment by Erin Rhew (Giveaway)


Blog Tour: The Fulfillment by Erin Rhew (Giveaway)The Fulfillment by Erin Rhew
Published by BookFish Books on October 15th 2015
Genres: Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Fantasy & Magic, Young Adult

Layla’s world tumbles out of control when she discovers the truth of her parentage and realizes the Prophecy—the one she upended her entire life to defend—is incomplete. When her new friends share the entire Prophecy, the revelations contained within it alter her destiny and challenge everything she and Wil believe in. Now, she must confront the Outlander queen to save the Ethereal kingdom while grappling with this new reality.

Tortured and imprisoned, Nash accepts his fate and offers the First Ones the one thing he has left to give: his life. In a desperate attempt to save the people he loves most, he surrenders himself to the Outlander queen and a destiny darker than he could have ever dreamed possible.

Wil, tormented by the consequences of his choices, realizes he may never be able to uphold his end of the Prophecy. His mistake casts a deep, foreboding shadow over his kingdom and those he loves, while its ripples threaten to shatter both the Prophecy and everything he and his family have sworn to protect.

In this epic conclusion, lives are lost, kingdoms clash, friendships are tested, and love and fate collide.

I’m super excited to promote this final installment in The Fulfillment Trilogy, this is one of those really underrated fantasy trilogies that I love so far! I haven’t read the final book yet but I’m VERY excited for the release of it! Oh and by the way, Nash is mine ;P 


Thanks for hosting me, Crystal! I’m honored to be on your blog today to talk to your readers. But I couldn’t seem to come up with an idea to write about. Whenever I’m creatively stuck, I call on my Dream Team to help me out. So, the theme of this post comes from Dream Team member Danielle. She told me that Richelle Mead did this for the release of Ruby Circle, and since I love Richelle Mead, I’m going to follow in her footsteps. 😉


Top 10 Favorite Scenes in the The Fulfillment Trilogy


10) I enjoy the scene where King Jesper has a change of heart in The Prophecy. He’s such a jerk, but this moment gives the reader a glimpse into the kind of man he could have been if he hadn’t let his jealousies take over his good sense. I think it provides some depth to ole Jesper too. 😉

9) The second battle scene against the Outlander queen in The Fulfillment is considerably epic. There are twists and turns you won’t see coming. And all the questions Layla, Wil, and Nash have had about the Prophecy and their role in it are answered.

8) I love the moment in The Prophecy when Mia reveals herself. The reader has gone along the entire book believing Layla is the Fulfillment, but this new girl comes along and casts doubt on Layla’s legitimacy. I hope it’s a dun-dun-duhhhhhh moment.

7) The final battle scene is quite monumental. It involves all three kingdoms and will determine the outcomes of Vanguard, Etherea, and the Outlands. The whole trilogy has been working up to this final moment, and not everyone makes it out alive.

6) I hope readers find the moment in The Fulfillment, when Wil and Layla discover the full Prophecy, to be a real “wow” moment. You’ve watched them give up so much and go through incredibly difficult times because they believe in this ancient decree. But when it’s read in its entirety, their belief is rocked.

5) The scene where Nash and Samson are imprisoned in The Outlanders gives readers their first glimpse at Queen Cataleen. She’s one messed up lady, and you get to see the battle she has with herself for the first time in this part of the novel. I hope it leaves readers with a “what the heck?” feeling but also keeps them intrigued to read more about her.

4) The moment when Mia reveals the depths of her treachery in The Fulfillment is about on par emotionally, at least for me, as the Nash’s imprisonment scene. There’s one person whose life is really altered by her revelation, and I choke up a little every time I think about that moment. That character’s anguish is real and tangible.

3) I like any scene that involves Grant and Vespa (Team Grespa). They’re so cute together and so devoted despite their differences. Even when she’s at her worst, he stands beside her and brings her back from the brink. Their love has been tested and proven to endure.

2) I ADORE the battle scene in the beginning of The Fulfillment. I spent years as the director of a theater group, so I frame things in my mind through the scope of the stage or big screen. And this scene would make an epic movie scene. The secret Outlander power is on full display, and it would make a delicious visual treat in the movies.

1) My most favorite scene of all is the Nash in captivity scene in The Outlanders. I really think it’s some of my best writing. The first time my husband read it, he was like, “Wow, that was a total gut punch.” I love reading scenes that have that much emotional impact, so I’m stoked to have written one that delivers one too. If you want even more emotional trauma, read that scene while listening to “My Immortal” by Evanescence. That’s what I listened to when I wrote it, and I was in a total funk for the rest of the day.


About Erin Rhew

Erin Rhew is an editor, a running coach, and the author of The Fulfillment Series. Since she picked up Morris the Moose Goes to School at age four, she has been infatuated with the written word. She went on to work as a grammar and writing tutor in college and is still teased by her family and friends for being a member of the "Grammar Police."
A Southern girl by blood and birth, Erin now lives in a rainy pocket of the Pacific Northwest with the amazingly talented (and totally handsome) writer Deek Rhew and their “overly fluffy,” patient-as-a-saint writing assistant, a tabby cat named Trinity. She and Deek enjoy reading aloud to one another, running, lifting, boxing, eating chocolate, and writing side-by-side.


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