Bookish Deal Alert! YA Titles for Under $10 (+ Giveaway!)

Having decided that we here at Bookiemoji are entirely too excited about these deals, we figured we would collect all of the Amazon $10 or less deals and post them right here on the blog – all in one convenient location for our fellow YA reading fans. (Seriously! When was the last time we actually remember Amazon pricing to be “competitive” with other booksellers? If you ask us,, it’s been a couple years…)

In addition, for a limited time (much like these LIMITED TIME deals) we’re offering a giveaway for any one of the titles below!

If there are any deals that we’ve missed, please comment with the title below!

The pricing is current as of the date of this post. We will add or remove titles as deals appear or end.

header-amazon-under-ten(Click on each title for their direct link on Amazon)

cover-you-me-him cover-witch-hunter cover-jewel cover-white-rose cover-vanishing-girls cover-whole-new-world cover-walk-on-earth-stranger cover-stars-never-rise cover-a-thousand-nights cover-rest-of-us-just-live-here cover-the-fixer cover-suicide-notes-beautiful-girls cover-spirits-thieves cover-spinning-starlight cover-slasher-girls-monster-boys cover-silver-in-blood cover-rook cover-red-queen cover-pretending-to-be-erica cover-paperweight cover-novice-summoner cover-more-happy-than-not cover-mechanica cover-liars-inc cover-lair-of-dreams cover-ink-and-bone cover-improbable-theory-ana-zak cover-illuminae cover-ice-like-fire cover-hunter cover-hello-goodbye-inbetween cover-golden-specific cover-gates-thread-stone cover-game-love-death cover-fans-impossible-life cover-extraordinary-means cover-everything-everything cover-dumplin cover-dream-a-little-dream cover-daughter-of-dusk cover-daughter-deep-silence cover-darkest-part-forest cover-court-of-fives cover-boy-most-likely-to cover-black-widow-forever-red cover-another-day cover-never-always-sometimes cover-alive cover-9-days

header-amazon-almost-under-tenThese titles are just over the $10 threshold, but too good to pass up!

cover-zeroes cover-shadow-scale cover-ps-i-still-love-you cover-made-you-up cover-legacy-of0kings cover-heart-of-betrayal cover-fairest cover-emmy-oliver cover-crimson-bound cover-carry-on

Deals You Missed

cover-rose-society cover-six-of-crows cover-queen-of-shadows cover-ember-in-ashes


Enter to win any ONE of the titles above!
ONE WINNER will receive their choice.

Valid in US only to those 13 or older. Void where prohibited.

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header-leave-a-comment-02Have you preordered any of the above titles?
How much is your wallet weeping and your bookish soul squeeing?


  1. Esthefania says:

    I actually preordered Queen of Shadows and I’m excited to read it! I saw your tweet about this $10 deal, and went to see the total cost with shipping and taxes, but for me it would have been $23. I think that’s weird, since I had preodered it already, and technically the book was $15 with everything included already, but oh, well. At least I don’t really have to pay that much.

  2. Deanna says:

    No, I haven’t preordered any of these…yet anyway. There’s so many awesome books here, including ones that have been out, that i won’t be able to pass it up.

  3. Michelle @ In Libris Veritas says:

    I don’t typically pre-order stuff unless it’s something I know I need and will like no matter what. I’ve read the Red Queen and it was pretty good, and I have An Ember in the Ashes from the libraries digital audio collection on my phone and I can’t wait to listen to it.

  4. Lynette says:

    I’m just so shocked at these low prices. I’m personally ordering some but I wouldn’t mind the help collecting them all! Thank you for the giveaway!

  5. Allison R says:

    I haven’t pre-ordered any of the books but I would love too but I’m trying to be good & save money 😉

  6. Jamie @ Books and Ladders says:

    I have preordered five books already. One that releases this year (Air Awakens), and four that release next year (Blackhearts, The Love That Split The World, The Abyss Surrounds Us, and The Girl From Everywhere). It is almost $100 already. My wallet is so so so sad. But my bookshelf (and me) is so so so happy.

  7. Misti says:

    I sadly have never pre-ordered a book before. I don’t know why. Maybe because I’m secretly hoping someone will buy it for me and surprise me with it. I hope it happens one day. Thank you for this lovely giveaway. I’m excited for all those choices.

  8. Kaitlyn A. says:

    I haven’t preordered any of the above titles, but I have read one of them and I have a few of them in ARC ebook copies! I’m currently reading Illuminae!

  9. Angie says:

    I’ve already pre-ordered Six of Crows, Carry On, & Illuminae.

    ALSO you guys don’t have it up there but Slasher Girls & Monster Boys is on sale too!

  10. Lisa says:

    I have pre-ordered a few! With prices like these, it would be silly to pass some of the hot titles that I know I would buy anyway!!!

    Thanks for putting together this post (and giveaway). It’s nice seeing everything in one spot!

  11. Breenah says:

    I haven’t pre-ordered any, but I rarely do anyway. I would LOVE to own books, especially new ones, but I’m more of a library or thrift store person.

  12. Heather Langston says:

    I pre-ordered The Heart of Betrayal…got it on release day!! Alas, my reading time has been cut significantly for the time being (we have two toddlers that have been added to our family temporarily) so haven’t been able to read it yet. Hopefully will soon though! 😀

  13. Maraia says:

    I don’t have any of those pre-ordered, because I never buy books, but I am SO tempted by Queen of Shadows and Six of Crows. Those are amazing prices for hardcovers!

    Thanks for the giveaway! 😀

  14. Robyn says:

    Not yet….trying to narrow it down to about 5 or so. It’s more difficult than it sounds. Thanks for the list and the opportunity.

  15. Bekka says:

    I have no idea what’s going on here but I am SOO taking advantage of this! I already had Queen of Shadows pre-ordered OBVIOUSLY, but now I also have Lair of Dreams, Six of Crows, Illuminae, Slasher, and a few others! So many that I can’t even name them all.

  16. Alicia says:

    All The Bright Places (Kindle) by Jennifer Niven , Alive (Kindle) by Scott Sigler, are under $10. Glass Sword (Red Queen) (Kindle) by Victoria Aveyard is only $10.99 pre-order!

  17. Nikki Lemmons says:

    I hadn’t preordered any of these until I saw your tweets this morning. Now I’m up to four of them.

  18. Myrka says:

    I haven’t pre-ordered any yet. I’M SO ASHAMED! I have read Red Queen though and it’s is now one of my all time favorites. I’m so excited for Illuminae and Six of Crows!

  19. Amber @ YA Indulgences says:

    Aw, I love that you put this post together! I was hoping someone would put a collection together of all these sales.

    I’m going to be pre-ordering Queen Of Shadows, Fans of The Impossible Life and The Boy Most Likely To. I read and loved Fans of the Impossible Life.

    I’m buying More Happy Than Not as well and maybe None of The Above (which went back up to 11.91 (again), so if it goes back on sale, I’ll buy it). Both of which I read and loved.

    My wallet is weeping a little, but I knew I’d be buying at least a couple books. 🙂

  20. Ashley says:

    I have Carry On pre-ordered. I have a feeling I’m going to cave and pre-order a BUNCH more. The fact that they are all such good deals is making it REALLY hard not to!

  21. Mitch says:

    So far I’ve pre-ordered Illuminae. However, I currently have 10 other books sitting in my cart because I’m not sure if my bank account can handle all of this at once.

  22. Emily Nelson says:

    I honestly have not preordered a single book. Why? I have no idea! I really should start, especially with as many great deals as these. I just haven’t really sat down to do it. Which is sad since because the last book I preordered was…Breaking Dawn. And I went to the midnight release to get it. Embarrassing life stories. Thanks for the awesome giveaway, and for letting me know just where some books are at price-wise!

  23. Brittany T says:

    I have preordered QOS of course!! My husband is either smart or mean and removed his CC from my amazon account and i cant preorder with my gift cards. WAH!!! Still want ALL of these!!!
    <3 Britt

  24. Carol says:

    I’ve already pre-ordered Everything everything and Dumplin’ and Illuminae! And I’ve already read an ARC of Paperweight (which is amazing BTW) thanks to Epic Reads! 😉

  25. Carolyn says:

    I’m pre-ordering Everything, Everything. I did already buy More Happy Than Not and None of the Above (which I had pre-ordered). Thanks for sharing the sales and giveaway!

  26. Fantasy Angel says:

    Hello! I actually haven’t ordered any of the books (yet!) but I do already own Red Queen so I guess that’s a start to buying them all hahaha. Thank you for the giveaway by the way! It’s very kind of you to do so!

  27. Nikki says:

    Of the ones listed, I’ve preordered ILLUMINAE, SIX OF CROWS, ROSE SOCIETY, and CARRY ON… among others. x_x AMAZON PREORDERS ARE DANGEROUS, OKAY. <33333

  28. Katie says:

    Nope, I haven’t pre-ordered any yet! But this deal is nearly too good to pass up. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  29. Raychelle says:

    I have not preordered any of these titles yet but I definitely plan to before the prices change. I already purchased Heart of Betrayal and plan to order Hunter and Legacy of Kings.

  30. Brittany says:

    I haven’t preordered any of these . . . yet! Lol.
    I’m so tempted to get quite a few of these. Hmm, decisions, decisions.

  31. Mollie Katie says:

    I just pre-ordered “Carry On” by Rainbow Rowell, since she’s one of my all-time favorite authors. My wallet is happy for the deal, but it’s more of a 😐 than a 🙂 because I’m so poor to begin with.

    I’m hoping to have the funds available buy “Six Of Crows” when it comes out later this year. And I’m definitely going to be borrowing “Dumplin'” from my local library since I’ve heard such great things about it.

  32. Carina Olsen says:

    Goooorgeous post Jenna. <3 I love this oh so much. But gosh damn it how I hate it too 🙁 You are all SO LUCKY. I must pre-order all my books via bookdepo. And they are a bit expensive, sigh. I want to order them all right now, via Amazon, for under $10. But shipping to Norway would be crazy high. And I could only order about 3 in one order, so that I wouldn't have to pay taxes. And then shipping costs for every order. And ugh. SO MUCH MONEY 🙁 Not cheap for me, hmph. How mean, lol 🙂 BUT ANYWAY. YAY for you and everyone living in America getting to order cheap books 😀 Hugs. <3

  33. Ann S says:

    I have The Stars Never Rise, am listening to An Ember In The Ashes and have Shadow Scale, Rook, and Red Queen waiting for me.

  34. Tammy (@tammygeo) says:

    I preordered Fire Wish in PB which I just received, I also preordered Every Last Breath and Sweet Temptation but that’s it. Hardcovers are not my favorite to read so yes all my orders were deals on PB’s.

  35. Jennifer Bui says:

    The books that I pre-ordered are Illuminae and The Boy Most Likely To, of course I have to read this book because I love My Life Next Door. Also I just recently purchased An Ember in the Ashes.

  36. Danielle D. says:

    I need to pre-order Carry On and Black Widow. I’d order The Fixer and Illuminae too, but I already have copies of them =3

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