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Heyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! Long time, no posts guys! It’s been pretty quiet around lately… Jenna and I have been leading some very busy lives! Every time I *swear* I’m going to write a post, well LIFE happens, or I’m really just too exhausted.


I’m sure that the majority of you know just what I mean! I’ve also been in one of the BIGGEST reading slumps. I’m talking, I haven’t read an entire book since the beginning of April.


It’s the worst for us bookworms, yes?

Anyways, to get to the reason I’m finally here….MINI REVIEWS!!!! I read some stellar titles at the beginning of April and the poor little souls have been neglected on sharing my love for them. :(


So a few posts back I told you guys how I’ve always really wanted to LOVE MG, but I always have this issue of the writing not being for me. Maybe I’m just too old?! ;P BUT I also said I wasn’t going to give up because those books always have the absolute CUTEST covers, and it gives me books I can share with my daughter. So when Random House sent me over these two little gems….well things got a WHOLE lot better between me and MG books, and they have given me hope that I can find ones that I will love and adore more often now!

Nightbird     jack

Nightbird is a fantastic story about magic, friends, and a bond that holds a family together. The writing is this one is absolutely beautiful and at times you don’t quite feel like you are even reading a MG. I really liked all the characters, Twig is my favorite and one of the most quirky and loving girl characters I have read about.The bond her family has and the sacrifices they make for each other is what really made me fall in love with this book. This is definitely one that I recommend giving a try for you, or if you have younger kids!


Jack is by far one of the CUTEST books I have ever read and SO much fun!!!! I’ve read different versions and seen different version of Jack and the Beanstalk but this one was just so dang adorable! When I got done with it I just wanted to hug it! The story starts out similar to the original, but takes quite the turn when Jack climbs the beanstalk and goes to save his dad from the giants! Jack and his sister end up taking many daring quests and try to save their family and friends and solve the giant problem all at one time. This book kept me seated while I flew through it. It’s definitely a quick read but one that you don’t want to put down. The entire story has such a magical quality to it, and I can tell it is one that I would enjoy reading over and over. Now I can’t wait to get my hands on Shurtliff’s previous MG title and the next one that is releasing!


These next two titles are ones that I have been SO excited to have the chance to read. Titles that focus on issues in life that are not talked about often, or that I don’t know a lot about, are some of my favorite things to read. Although these are fiction, we all know that the authors put so much research in these books and do their best to be as realistic as possible when writing them. I really like when I can read a tough subject YA and it touches my soul and brings so much awareness to things that are out there that I didn’t even realize goes on, which is exactly what these two books did for me.

WitS     NotA

Written in the Stars is a gorgeous, eye opening, fantastic, one of a kind read. I’ve never read much on the topic of arranged marriages, and how they were done in different cultures. After reading this book…WOW, I’m completely uneducated on this topic for sure. Naila is the main character, and her parents are forcing an arranged marriage on her, she starts out sincerely believing that her parents will change their mind and let her be with the boy that she loves. She quickly finds out that this is not an option, then things just get way worse from there. Saeed takes us completely through Naila’s journey emotionally and physically. The writing made me feel like I was there with Naila, and I could feel everything she was going through. By the end of this book I was in tears. Some parts were really hard to read for me, but I’m glad that I read them. I’m glad that I read this book overall, it was a huge eye opener for me, and it’s one that just makes you stop and think and realize how you really have no clue what others go through. I also recommend that you read the Author’s Note left by Saeed at the end. It also has a lot of information there and even a little personal tidbit about her and her life.

ALSO the book is just stunning in person! ;P


None of the Above is about Kristen, a teenage girl who discovers she is intersex.  I really wasn’t aware that this specific thing could happen, not the way it comes out with Kristen anyways. I didn’t realize that people could be intersex and go that long without knowing. When Kristen finds out what is happening to her after having some female issues, her life is really turned upside down. I found this book to be quite predictable plot wise but I really liked the character growth in this story and how she overcomes obstacles. I really liked how strong Kristen became by the end and the people that stuck by her side or that showed that they had always been by her side, even when she didn’t know it. This is definitely an uplifting book that I feel in this day and age REALLY needs to be out there for teens. I don’t think we realize how many people are probably going through this kind of stuff day to day. Pick this one up for sure.



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  1. Haley Scully says:

    Written in the Stars sounds like a very interesting and unique book. I can’t wait to read it!

  2. Carina Olsen says:

    Pfff, no rush to post. <3 Being busy is a great thing sometimes, lol :) I hope you are both doing okay. <3 And yay for such awesome mini reviews 😀 Thank you for sharing about these gorgeous looking books. <3

  3. Carol says:

    Written in the stars seems really amazing! I can’t believe I hadn’t heard about it before I read your post! It’s definitely a book I want to read! Thank you for the reviews!

  4. Sui generis says:

    Since this book came out, I was dying to read this so I purchased a Kindle version and I really, really love it! This is very emotional book and I love every page. Oh and btw, great review!

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